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Pre-Summer Email to Coaches

Hello Coach___________

I wanted to check back in with you and give you a recap of my high school season. We finished with a tough loss to the #1 ranked team in the region during second round of the sectional playoffs. It was a rough way to end it, but we had a great season overall. Here is a recap of my accomplishments and key statistics this year:

  • 2011 TEAM MVP
  • 46 GOALS
  • 23 ASSISTS

I'm very excited to be playing with the (club team) this summer and will be attending the following two tournaments with this competitive Northern California team:

June 25 - June 27 King of the Hill, Swarthmore, PA
June 30 - July 3 Gait Cup, Gettysburg,
July 15 - July 17 Adrenaline Shootout, Sonoma, CA

I will also be attending the following camp:

July 5 - July 7 New England Top 150 (Session 1)

I've just completed finals this week. Once my grades are in, I will send you an updated transcript. For now, I have attached an updated Profile Sheet, which includes my SAT and Subject Test scores, as well as athletic highlights and achievements. I took the SAT a second time in early June, and should have scores by the end of the month.

Also, I've attached a youtube link to an updated highlight reel from my 2011 season. (youtube link)

Congratulations on your very successful season. I will stay in touch and hope to see you this summer.

Thanks again,

Your Name